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Catherine – Part 3: Freedom from Nightmares

Catherine has 3 branches of endings (Katherine, Freedom and Catherine), for a total of 8 different outcomes. Although some of them are designed as “good” and “bad”, none of them are completely undesirable or “wrong”, and there is no “objectively best” ending either. After all, Astaroth/Ishtar suggests that there are no correct answers, no right way to navigate the game. And it’s true. But I believe one ending is inherently more faithful to the spirit of the story. And here’s why. Continue reading Catherine – Part 3: Freedom from Nightmares

Catherine – Part 2: Ideological Nightmares

Hello, reader! May I ask you a few questions before we start? I may? Great. Because I won’t let you read anything else until you answer.

  • 1st question: How are you feeling today? A) Best day of my life – B) Worst day of my life
  • 2nd question: What did you think of part 1? A) Best article I’ve ever read, I don’t need to read anything else ever – B) Worst article I’ve ever read, it’s ruined reading for me forever
  • 3rd question: Does life begin or end at marriage? A) It begins – B) It ends

If you’ve answered A to the 2nd one, you can continue. Otherwise… errr, I guess you’re welcome anyway ^_^ Continue reading Catherine – Part 2: Ideological Nightmares