Welcome, kind stranger.

You can call me Melody. Here is where I write about Videogames. (and possibly also other things I feel interested in or passionate about, but for now it’s just games)

I welcome criticism and/or human contact, and I’m always striving to improve. If you have something to say, whether positive or negative, contact me or leave a comment. If you like what I do, consider pledging whatever you can afford to my Patreon, or leaving me a tip. But if you can’t, it’s fine, really.

I hate descriptions. They’re so static and reductive. We should get to know each other instead. You can find me on Twitter, or email me at the reverse of swoemydolem @outlook.com (with apologies to swoemydolem for the spam they may end up receiving) I have a personal blog as well, but a lot of its content has to do with depression and related issues. You’ve been warned.


4 thoughts on “About”

  1. Your articles on Transistor discouraged me from writing my own and you generally make me feel inadequate. But even my cat doesn’t meow. Or nyan. She generally looks at me in a surprisingly expressive fashion considering her lack of facial muscles.


    1. Well, thank you.

      I don’t know if it can make you feel better, but a lot (A LOT) of people make me feel the same way. All the people in my “inspirations” list on the left, for instance. Occasionally I can get extremely depressed just because they are all that I’d like to be. Like right now, for instance.

      Do write your own Transistor article. Mine is not talent, it’s just 2 weeks of work, and there’s still a lot of interesting stuff that you can say about the game. Even I had more in my notes than what made it into the article.


      1. It does not I’m afraid. I imagine your own feelings stem from a similar place as my own, our perception of what is adequate for ourselves; you and the list of assorted miscreants (I say that with fondness) beside are merely presentations of that as a realistic possibility, rather than a notion we can deny and internalise. That is where the negative sentiment stems from.

        When you consider that, it is in fact that our extremely high opinions (I think this is more honest than “expectations”) of ourselves, and the reality of those opinions actually being achievable that causes our depression.

        I encourage you to email me if you want to intimately examine each other’s self-inflicted wounds with hot forceps further (reply would have been better here), I might not check this page again.


  2. Just wanted to say you seem like an interesting person and your work is well-reasoned, well-executed, and thoughtful. I don’t know what your life is like but it’s refreshing to read something so obviously written from a place of understanding as well as intelligence. Seems like you haven’t posted in a few months so I hope that’s because things are more interesting in your offline world rather than more distressing. Work like yours makes me want to write, and to think about what I am writing, and those are precious qualities.


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Melody is actually serious, when she's not meowing

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