Short Update & A Postcard from Afthonia – Review

Thanks to SuperGiant Games retweeting my Transistor essays, I’ve got a lot of visibility lately. Thanks, everybody, for reading my work, and for all the comments I received. Thanks to that exposure, I also received two offers from websites that asked me to write for them.

I decided to start writing for Blackman ‘n’ Robin. At least, I’m giving it a try for now. I was considering starting a Patreon, but given that many people that do more or less what I do (and are exponentially better than me – Stephen Beirne and Cameron Kunzelman spring to mind, but there are many many more) get very very little, I’m trying to explore other avenues. The harsh truth is, if I don’t start earning something by Summer 2015, I’ll have to stop doing this, or at least I won’t be able to dedicate to it a comparable amount of time. I won’t earn enough from this site alone, but I’ll still be writing, learning and improving, working with some people who do seem interesting, and I’ll get something, however little, while I hope someone else notices me.

(As an aside, I refused The Game Fanatics‘ offer to write for them. Partially because they didn’t respect me enough to offer me any pay at all, and partially because the site’s ethos, revolving as it is around hype and big AAA titles, is pretty much antithetical to what I do and what I believe in)

I’ll still do long-form analyses, but this also gives me the opportunity to give a little visibility to games I love or find important, without having to study them in detail. Reviews are not a strength of mine at the moment, but I’m always learning, and even though the first few will inevitably be bad, they will improve, just like my analyses did.

I’ll make sure to link my work here. I suppose I’ll also be posting whatever I happen to write that doesn’t fit elsewhere.

I started by recommending Jonas Kyratzes’ A Postcard from Afthonia. Because it’s lovely and there’s nothing else quite like it. (Seems appropriate, too. You know, Marxism and material conditions of life fit well with the rest of this post)


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